Do you want to make a change and are you available for 3 days in a week? We look for 24 dedicated youths every year to take part in our training and internship! The selected youth are given classes and opportunities to create awareness countrywide starting in February until December...

  • Angaza Kifafa With Movers!

    Angaza Kifafa With Movers!

  • Movers Meeting

    Join our Movers Meetings in Nairobi and Kisumu which takes place every Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm (except for the last Saturday of the month). This is where we share knowledge, opinions and experiences and we'd love to hear yours!

  • Parents Meeting

    Are you a guardian of a child or youth with epilepsy? Would you like to meet other guardians to learn about epilepsy and share experiences? Then be sure to join us for the Parents Meeting which takes place at our centre in Nairobi and Kisumu on every last Saturday of the month!

  • YotM Kisumu Centre

    YotM now has a new branch in Kisumu! The centre has a cyber cafe, a clinic & a training room where you can come to learn more about epilepsy & even take part in our empowering yearly youth training. Find us at Murbs-Building, Makasembo Road or contact us through Purity (0725937385) for more information. Welcome!

YOTM Actions!

  • Movers Meeting

    Would you like to exchange experiences with other youths with epilepsy? Come to our weekly Movers Meetings in Nairobi West, or Kisumu, which take place on Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm...

  • Movers Picnic

    Every last Saturday of the month (except for December) we have our Movers Picnic in Nairobi and Kisumu starting from 8.30 am. You want to join in? Communicate with our Movers Coach for mo...

  • Movers Training

    Do you want to be one of the youths in training? Apply online to get an interview with the trainers. Every January we have interviews and fi nal selection, the training starts in the begi...

  • Movers Music

    Music is a universal language, hence spreading knowledge on epilepsy is one of the means we use to reduce stigma countrywide. Every year we select two places where youth with epilepsy are welcomed ...

  • Epilepsy Education

    While an estimation of 1,000,000 people in Kenya have epilepsy, only 20% take treatment to control the seizures. Therefore we create awareness about epilepsy at schools, churches and other social g...

  • Movers Media

    To unite people with epilepsy worldwide, we are actively involved in Social Media on Twitter (hyperlink), Facebook (hyperlink), YouTube (hyperlink) and LinkedIn (hyperlink). This offers a platform...

  • Movers Cyber

    Do you wish to browse the internet, print, laminate or bind your documents in Nairobi or Kisumu? Find our Movers Cybers at Nairobi West (New Life Church Building, Birongo Square) and Nairobi Town (...

  • Movers Yoga

    Exercise is a great way to make ourselves feel better, to boost our self-esteem and sometimes it can even reduce the number of epilepsy seizures. Therefore we weekly offer the Movers Yoga on Monda...

  • About Epilepsy

    Every week we prepare the upcoming activities and evaluate the last events.  Do you have any good idea how to empower youths with epilepsy? Any plan how we can create awareness about epilepsy?.

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  • Mind your rights

    Every country has rights and obligations for their citizens, in order to achieve justice. Justice is the behavior or treatment that people deserve, that protects them from harm and gives them opportunities.

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  • Community Clinic

    Exercise is a great way to make ourselves feel better, to boost our self-esteem and sometimes it can even reduce the number of epilepsy seizures.  Therefore we weekly offer the Movers Yoga on Monday and Tuesday from 2-3 pm in Nairobi West. .

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